Sunday, January 3, 2016

Blog Intro

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Teach inquiring minds the fundamentals of real estate valuation in a simple, clear, and practical manner with real examples involving excel and ARGUS.


Novices to the real estate industry with a preference for learning the finance side of things, or those in the industry looking to sharpen their skills in the area of property level valuation.

About Me

I graduated college a few years ago and landed a job with a real estate private equity firm as an acquisitions analyst. It was a fairly small shop, so I was able to take on a lot of responsibility from day 1. In particular, I was asked to pick up a lot of slack on the financial modeling. I had a bit of background in finance and building spreadsheets in excel, but I was woefully unprepared to start valuing multi-million dollar assets.

Step one was to buy as many books on real estate analysis as I could and read them as quickly as I could. Step two was to build models from scratch based on more advanced spreadsheets I found online. Step three was to build and implement these spreadsheets and ARGUS runs for my company. Many late nights later, I became quite proficient in valuing commercial real estate.

Since then, I've moved onto a bigger company as an associate and continue to operate on the acquisitions side of things. I hope to build a long lasting career in RE.

Commercial real estate really is fascinating and is an asset class I've really grown to appreciate--hopefully this blog will add to the audience's interest and understanding of this great asset class.

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