Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Most Ridiculous Broker Blast Ever?

Well, maybe not ever, but certainly in the last couple of months...

This afternoon I'm sitting at my computer grinding away on ARGUS when I see an email alert from Outlook with a broker blast from Colliers with this subject:

I'm thinking, "Oh, cool. Don't see a lot of Silicon Valley properties come up for sale. 40k SF is about in our wheelhouse--maybe there'll be a creative office conversion opportunity or something." Then I open the email that shows:

Apparently Gilroy is now considered part of Silicon Valley!!!! Wow, just wow. Look, I get it. You're trying to sell a crappy building in a crappy market, but come on, have a little bit of self respect.

For non Northern Californians, Gilroy is a solid 30 miles south of San Jose and it has a population of about 50k. Its claim to fame is hosting a "garlic festival" once a year. No, there is no tech there.

Just another sign of the times I suppose.

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